2018 KTÜYÖS Sınav Tarihi Belirlendi!

May 5th 2018 10:00 (Turkish Local Time)

Welcome to KTUYOS

You can find the detailed informations about KTUYOS exam on the main menu under the Regulations section. Login if you are registered, if not register. Do not miss the deadline for registration.


How Does the KTUYOS Process Work?

1. Online Registration and Application Fee

First of all, you should sign up on the system. Please pay attention to entering your information accurately, as you will not be able to change it later. Send the test fee to the relevant account number according to your test center selection and make sure you enter your KTUYOS number in the reference section of the payment.

2. Printing Out the Test Entrance Document

Log into the system and print a copy of the test entrance document.

3. Administration of the Test

On the test date, make sure you arrive at the appropriate test center with your hall number and test taker row number.

4. Obtaining a Copy of the Test Result after the Test

After the test results are decared, you can obtain a copy of your results by signing into the system.

5. Objection Period to Results

You can file an objection to the test results within 4 days after they are declared.

6. Admission to KTÜ

Successful candidates must apply to the Office of Student Affairs with a copy of their test results and any other applicable documents required.